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our team


our team


The Crew



''Regrets, I've had a few
But then again, too few to mention
I did what I had to do and saw it through without exemption
I planned each charted course, each careful step along the byway
And more, much more than this, I did it my way''

-- Frank Sinatra--

Vienna Marathon 2015  From left to right : Mikael Kosloff, Ralph and Henri

Vienna Marathon 2015 

From left to right : Mikael Kosloff, Ralph and Henri

Henri-Alexandre BOURGeno - Project manager

Having come to most of my races as my support crew, Henri has been a mixture of number 1 fan, advice giver (not always the best advice), and fellow runner. I convinced him to run his first marathon in April and I'm sure he'll run many more! He's around to make sure I'm never too far over my head. 


Maddy KELLEher - Communications

I've known Maddy since high-school. Although one doesn't need that long to see how ambitious and determined she is. I asked if she wanted to come on board almost immediately, knowing that this project would boost its chances of success with her around! 


Harriet Barham - communications

Creative, quick thinker and always has solutions! Having worked with both her and Maddy before on other projects. I know that these two fit together and feed off each other for great ideas. Splitting them up would have been a horrible mistake! 


Marie des neiges Ruzette - communications

Goal driven with an amazing sense for adventure. I asked 'Snow' to come on board because not only do I trust her when it comes to marketing and her take on it but I'm positive her sense of adventure will challenge my way of thinking! 

Vic + Maelle

Vic + Maelle


Victor Calinaud - Legal Consultant

Vic has seen me through good and bad times. He crewed for me at my first 100M. When I decided to take this project on I immediately asked him to crew for me during the adventure. 

What I have discovered throughout the various planning months is that I could never get this started without his help. Through different talks and brainstorming he filled this legal role without question. He's been my right hand man through races, work, and many problems!

I'll for sure take him to run his first Marathon soon!

I'm sure he'll save my life a few more times before this project is complete! 



Maelle Sens


 It would be impossible to name everything she's gone through so far. Between the hours spent running, or the 'crazy' ideas I've had so far. I could not be more thankful for her patience.

 This project would never be taking place if I didn't have her beside me from day one. After continuous hours of running ideas by her, getting her to reread, correct and perfect documents. She definitely has more say in what content goes out than I do. 

She's my rock when I have my doubts








Could not be more thankful for having our 'ambassadors helping me out in different countries. Have a donation idea for your country? Don't hesitate to contact them! They are here to help promote Eurocross for a Cause in different countries : 

🇫🇷 FRA - Victor Clapeau - [email protected] 

🇬🇧 UK - Matthew Skilicorn

If you wish to become an ambassador for your country please get in touch with us! 



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