Milano Marathon Day 1. After a 4 o'clock wake up to get to the airport by foot in time. I fly to Milano Malpensa and start my commute from Malpensa to Milan. Ended being a beautiful 52k run in the sun next to grappa producers, Italian flags and a surprising amount of prostitutes 😂. I finished off in sunny Milan. Time for runners fare and fooooood!



Milano Marathon day 2. We had picked up the bibs on Saturday evening and got back to the hotel to eat some grub and chill before the big day. It was Alvaro's and Alice's first and they knew they'd be on the dot with their finishing times. So we decided to stick together for the race.

As soon as the race started things didn't go as planned. Alice decided to stick to her pace, struggling from the start with her allergies and Alvaro felt good and followed my brother and I.

After about 13k there was a hairpin and we could see 2km behind us. We eventually spot Alice struggling. So, I decided to turn back and run to her to see if everything was ok. It wasn't... she was having some horrible stomach cramps and couldn't find things she could digest at the aid stations. I then took her bag and gave her my arm warmers so she could muster on! I promise to come back (I didn't) and check on her and run back to Alvaro and Jon.


At km17 I pick them up and we continue our adventure. Alvaro was starting to struggle and getting cramps. It was then that the theme of the day turned into something else all together, survival. We had 25km left and a hell of a lot of pain to experience. From then on it was a fight through hundreds of emotions to get Alvaro over his walls and through his muscle cramps. And we made it! All the way to 39k that is 😂 at that point it was a pool dive into the asphalt and a big stretch of the calves. And guess who we saw trudge her way back into the pack? Alice! She made it man! She got back on our tail and passed us with the help of my other brother that had finished a few hours before. Finally, Alvaro manages to get up and we continue our journey to the line. 5h53 Minutes on a 6h cut off and proof that your mind gets you to the finish line.


There's a saying: you want to see what determination is? Go to the finish line of a marathon at the 6h mark. You'll understand. Emotional day! Amazing weekend!

5 came, 5 finished!

Thanks for all the encouragement and let's keep getting people involved in this rollercoaster of a sport that is running!



Km 34 of a very hard day


5 came, 5 finished